How to Get with the Program

Sasa Popovic Categories: Team work Date 27-Dec-2012

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    You wake up and it's Friday morning, but it's not just any Friday. It's the Friday before the weekend before the Monday you start your new job at Vega IT.

    Maybe you were employed somewhere before, and that place wasn't working out so you turned on the Curriculum Vitae Generator and programmed it to remember and document everything you ever learned or did, so it did, and then you interviewed, and the sky opened up and now you'll be working for Vega.

    Or maybe, like so many people filled with so much potential, you were unemployed.

    You've been out on the streets, with your CV detailing your education, your technological acumen, a perfectly composed paragraph about your belief in the powerful attitude that fuels agility and adaptability, and because of a tug on a string, or a word from a bird, you were called in to interview at Vega. You walked up the stairs, the receptionist assured you that this was indeed the place, you talked the best game you could, and now you're going to be working for Vega.

    And it's Friday, and they're throwing a Welcome-to-the-Company party for YOU! Because of you…because they know how lucky they are to have you on the team, and they want you to meet everybody. 

    We've all been to that job where you show up on Day One, and the receptionist may or may not have been told you were coming, so you sit down with the old magazines, wondering what's next. You're probably nervous, maybe you're thirsty, or you want to do something with your coat, and eventually somebody from HR comes, you're not sure, and your ears were ringing with anticipation so you didn't catch their name. The people that passed you in the lobby are having coffee in the break room and looking at you like Oh, so you're the one.You're led to an office, a chair, a desk with a darkened computer monitor, no keyboard, but somebody's going to get to that, don't worry….

    But not tonight!  Because tonight there's a party for you at Vega- food and drink and a professional DJ to keep everything live with a vibe. Are you thinking about a disco ball and a techie Manhattan meets Silicon Valley style? Then nobody has to tell you about it, because that's the way it is.

    So make this Friday a good one. Put your Curriculum Vitae Generator up for sale, shine it and sell tickets to coders that want a little something extra in their stride, because you aren't going to need it anymore.

    Sasa Popovic Partner and CEO

    Strategic. Creative. Practical. Sasa is the supervisor for every project that the company takes on.