Girls in ICT - Kristina Ostojić

Kristina Ostojic Categories: Company success Date 27-Apr-2017

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    Kristina's background story

    While studying the idea of where I saw myself upon closing the university doors for the last time went through a number of “maturity” phases. My greatest desire during my university years was to stay there and teach, not any subject but the programing ones. Ever since my first year I wanted my carrier to be in some way tied to the IT world. At this point in my life I am now happy I didn’t become a teacher, because I have the opportunity to feel the “pulse” of the economy.  

    I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, in a timely fashion, at the Department for Industrial engineering and management. My studies were conceived in a way where, following third year, we were provided the option to choose our professional orientation. I decided to continue my studies at the Department of Information Management in my fourth year, that is, the Department of Management - communication and information systems in my fifth year. This was my first turn towards the IT profession, born out of pure passion, sort of an escapism from all those resembling each other. I had no ulterior motives at the time, I was not guided by the prospect of a good income, something that today is certainly being insisted upon.    

    The transition

    The transition from management to programing was extremely difficult for me. To be completely honest, and although others wouldn’t even care to admit this, I regret not having the courage to go the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. I was paralyzed by the fear of not being able to complete my studies. Today there are many departments similar to Computer sciences, and if I again had the opportunity to choose where to study, I would certainly gravitate towards one of those departments. I am lucky to work in an environment where collegiality is nursed and cherished. It is thanks to the support of my colleagues that I have managed to surpass the void generated between the shortcomings of my formal education and the requirements of the profession.   

    Biggest challenge

    My first project was definitely my biggest challenge! The desire to justify the confidence someone had in me, to give an output, to be useful as part of the team, these were all great motivators but also great sources of stress for a beginner.  

    Even now, after a couple of years in the profession, I still have to work on my own self-development. By working on projects, reading technical literature and listening to what those more experienced than me have to say, I try to work on myself. I listen to myself and pay close attention to my own desires, and I now know where I want to see myself in a couple of years in terms of professional development.     

    A piece of advise

    I don’t believe in gender division of labor in terms of this profession. Women are just as capable as men. If had to sum it all up in one sentence, it would sound something like this: Consistency is key to the top.

    Finally, I would like to tell all girls to dare and to have confidence in themselves! Study even what you have not been told to, take initiative and research everything you are interested in regarding IT. Be interested in programing, be willing to get to the essence of programing. With that kind of approach to this profession there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, and success will be certain.  

    Kristina Ostojic Software Developer

    As an avatar of the Microsoft paradigm, Kristina's dedication to learning, and in time mastering the ASP.NET Web Forms, and implementing C# in all of its durable glory, is the light guiding her to the vanguard of Vega's development team elite.