Focus - a key factor in achieving desired results!

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    Focus - a key factor in achieving desired results!

    Whether it is exercising, proper eating or something else, we can all agree that the main success factor is to be able to direct all our attention and concentration to what we are doing, that is, to be focused. Focus means having complete clarity in terms of results, while being aware of the priority of each step related to the desired outcome.

    We don’t want to bore you with dry definitions, so we would like you to try and ask yourself a few questions regarding this, in many ways, very significant topic.

    Do you consider yourself a focused person?

    When you make a decision or set a goal, how do you act towards the realization process? Let’s say that you have begun a workout program with certain tendencies followed by a proper diet plan adapted to your goal. Is this goal already clear to you, or will it materialize in time?


    Do you have a sharp and crystal image of everything you should do in order to achieve your goal, are you aware of the most important initial steps, do you see clearly the bases of your plan and all the other things that will have to be put in second place in order for you to achieve your goal?

    Have you set yourself with a deadline to achieve your goal?

    If at this point you can not recognize yourself in this goal setting, you are a person experiencing focus and concentration issues, and the time has come for this to change!

    The worse way to waste time is by doing well things that shouldn’t have been done in the first place. If, for example, you wish to increase your muscle mass and strength, but you spend most of your workout routine doing isolation exercises, you should reevaluate your focus. No matter how much time you spend doing isolation exercises, performing those with perfect concentration and excellent shape, you will not develop your strength nor you will get even a close perception of your true potential.

    Long ago the Italian economist Vilfredo Paretti established the famous 80-20% principle, explaining that almost in every area of life 20% of things we do bring an 80% value to what we do. If you think about it, you will discover this to be true. Applied to the above muscle mass example, 20% of the best chosen exercises will bring an 80% success rate to achieving results. That is why you should choose a few basic exercises that will bring you strength (a 20% of available exercises), and have those make up for an 80% of your workout session. This way you are focusing on your aspirations, and you will not waste any energy in doing well things that will not lead you to your goal in the best and fastest way possible.

    Concentration is the ability to remain on the task, until its complete execution. This means working on a straight line, walking the shortest possible distance from where we are to where we want to be. There is a tale from Ancient Greece about a passenger who runs into an old man and asks him for directions. “How can I get to Mount Olympus?” was the passengers’ question. The answer was simple: “Just make sure that your every step is taken in that direction.” Don’t do anything that takes you away from your path towards your goal.

    Don’t forget, we aspire to take the shortest path to the goal! Sticking with the workout example, always ask yourself the following questions: Is this exercise taking me to my goal? Will it help me get stronger? How much does this exercise stimulate the exuding of good hormones?

    The easiest and most effective ways to improve and direct your focus and concentration is to:

    1. Set a clear goal, what do you want and when do you want it (if you have written down your goal and deadline, even better).
    2. Make a detailed action plan (for example, you chose a workout regime, its frequency, selection of exercises and daily schedule, as well as a time-frame to strictly stick to – two or three months)
    3. Make your priorities clear, have things hierarchically organized related to the desired outcome, always emphasizing the things that will lead you to your goal.
    4. Take complete, one hundred percent responsibility for the success or failure in achieving your goal.   

    Don’t get tempted into enabling yourself to make excuses. You are completely responsible for the dedication towards achieving your goals. You manage your life, life does not manage you. So, take action and start doing so today!

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