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Employee of the month - December 2015

By: Maja Bozic

At Vega IT company every one of us can nominate a colleague as "Employee of the month", at any time. It is enough to write a single sentence stating why you're nominating that person. Anonymous online voting is organized at the end of each month. Our Employee of the month in December was Nikola Gorjanac, and this is the reason why:

In the past few weeks, in addition to hard and exhaustive work on two of his projects (sometimes until late at night), Nikola always managed to keep smiling and maintain the winning spirit, never refused to help his colleagues, nor complained about the huge amount of his work. Therefore, I believe that all these reasons, as well as the high level of his knowledge and skills, are sufficient to prove that he should be the employee of the month.

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Employee of the month - December 2015

Meet Nikola Gorjanac

Influenced by the personal philosophy that there are no walls that cannot be torn down, so bring it on, Nikola approaches programming and development with the mindset of an athlete, a warrior, and a codefreak.

He writes concise optimized adaptable code, and when that isn't giving him the rush he needs, he practices kickboxing and weightlifting.

He's not all nails and bones, though, because his life is filled with friendships, he values honesty, and he'd bend over backward for anyone that needed his help.

Nikola has earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.  

Maja Bozic

Chief Marketing Officer

Maja's nonstandard approach to marketing has developed over the last half decade. She can hear the heart beat of the Internet.

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