All the World’s Offices

Maja Bozic Categories: Internal, workers, worker success Date 13-May-2013

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    Copenhagen. London. Amsterdam. San Francisco. Novi Sad.


    Several months ago, in response to Vega's growth and in anticipation of further expansion, we purchased, renovated, and relocated to a luxurious private office in the heart of Novi Sad's financial district.

    We decided to name our offices after the four cities mentioned above, all of which were chosen by Vega employees, in hopes of expressing some of the greatness of their spirit.

    Having decided that, we held an interoffice vote as to whether we would hire a professional architect to design the urban-themed interiors of our office suite, or to consult with the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad and hold a contest for design students of all nature, throughout the world, to submit us their own best plans. The latter option was chosen, for the sake of variety and giving everyone a fair chance to show us how great they are.

    We were looking for someone that would create a visual identity for the office as a whole space, and for each separate room in relation to the chosen city, cohesive to the overall identity. This would include the precise positioning and aesthetic agreement of furniture, lighting, and other adornment.

    The concept was open to graduate and undergraduate students of architecture, including those who finished their academic careers as far back as 2009.

    There will be three cash prizes awarded to the top submissions that answer the challenge of creating a comprehensive design solution. Our jury is comprised of professional architects, staff members from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, and partners from Vega IT's executive board.

    It is our hope that the new design, when implemented in the near future, will both illuminate the flair of these four great cities and illustrate that Novi Sad is prepared to join the current surge of modern Information Technology and the Internet's dissolution of international borders, and recapitulate William Shakespeare's observation that all the world's a stage, and we are just its players.

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