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Maja Bozic Categories: Life At Vega IT Date 26-May-2016

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    "A company can only become as great as the people within it."

    In the last couple of years we have been trying to create an even better atmosphere at Vega IT. One of the things we have carried out is periodic talks with the founders of the company.

    "I would really like to become a co-founder of an IT community" - I said to Saša and Vladan at my first personal development plan meeting, which was a year after I started working at the company. I explained to them why that was so important to me.

    We had a discussion about my plans for the future and about my personal development plan.

    They supported my idea and Geekstone IT community was founded in May 2015. They provided me with all the resources and moral and financial support. This was one of the major milestones of my life!

    We also discussed what Vega IT can improve as a company and about a few of my personal challenges.

    But this article is not about me and my case is not the only one.

    Every colleague at the company can speak to Saša, Vladan and Boban at any time. They are here every day at work, sitting and doing their job at the office with us. Besides that, at least once a year they have interviews with our colleagues, with an aim to try to help them with their career and their future.

    When it comes to transparency, anyone from our organization can ask any question and be sure that she or he will receive an answer. We also have an option at Vega IT to ask an anonymous question or to give a comment anonymously about anything. The next Friday, after the working hours, the founders will step up and answer the question even if it is a tricky one. This is something that I admire the most, because I really appreciate their transparency.

    "Happiness at work doesn't just happen. It takes a focused, long-term effort from management and employees together."

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