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    As a celebration of World Book Day, we decided to do a small survey and ask our colleagues what books they would recommend. I must admit that the reading list became bigger and bigger and soon it was a real challenge for them to pick a few that had the biggest impact on them. However, we wanted to keep things simple and make the best book recommendations without being overwhelmed by all the options.

    So, here is the list of 7 most inspiring books you definitely should read this year. There's no doubt that each of them is fantastic and will be worth your time. Enjoy!

    “Leading with happiness” - Alexander Kjerulf


    Leading With Happiness

    “Leading with happiness” is a book that essentially presents a radical idea: Each leader should focus on increasing happiness in the world. You will learn about how some of the most outstanding leaders found the way out of crisis but putting the happiness of their workers in the first place. This book is aimed at everyone who wants to triumph in the world of leadership and make the world a better place.

    “Front-end developer handbook”

    Anyone who wants to learn more about the tips and tricks of front-end development should have this book on their reading list. It is an excellent front-end development guidebook that gives you useful information regarding the methods of learning front end, all the tools that exist in the front-end generally as well as all the things we can use during the front-end development. On top of that, we are given a clear layout of the entire necessary skill set a front-end developer should have in order to perform front-end development. As our colleague Slađana Miljanović, who recommended this book at the first place, said: “As a team leader who always has to explore new approaches to my work, I find this book really insightful and helpful.”

    “The pragmatic programmer” - Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

    This book talks about ever-increasing technicalities of front-end development and gives us a clear insight into modern software development. It explores topics from career development and personal responsibility to a variety of useful techniques to keep your code easy to adapt and reuse. Also, exercises and challenges bring additional value to the book. All in all, it is really practical, easy and really fun to read.

    “User Experience Revolution” - Paul Boag

    In today's overstressed market, many companies struggle to cut through the white noise and distinguish themselves. That's why creating a great user experience is a really challenging task. Still, in order to provide your customers with valuable experience, sometimes you need to make changes, and not many are ready to do that. This book will help you to start a revolution in your workplace and convince your colleagues to approach their projects from a user’s perspective.  

    “Why We work” - Barry Schwartz


    Why we work?

    Despite the popular belief that financial satisfaction is the main drive for work, there is much more to it than just money. Barry Schwartz's book “Why we work” researches the purpose of work in our lives and helps us find our own happiness at a workplace. He stresses out the importance of the working environment and the ways we can improve it in order to draw satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment from what we do. The book is full of anecdotes and plenty of data that help us realize that there are things we should change in our working environment in order to perceive it differently.

    "You don’t know JS: Up & Going", Kyle Simpson

    Whether you are new to the language, or have been using it for years, it’s really hard to learn Javascript completely. With “You don’t know JS: Up & Going” you will get to know the framework for your future projects related to Javascript language and master the art of handling its trickiest parts. If you are willing to start getting serious about Javascript, this is just the right book for you.

    “Negotiating the impossible” - Deepak Malhotra

    No matter how hard we tried to keep things under control and maintain successful relationships with people, conflicts still occur. While some negotiations are easy, others can be overwhelming and even lead to potentially explosive situations. Deepak Malhotra illustrates how to defuse even the most potentially harmful conflicts and offers you an insight into how to learn the art of negotiation at even the most difficult times.

    What books are on your reading list this year? Feel free to share with us your book wishlist and tell us what you think about our book recommendations!

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