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    “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” (Warren Buffet)

    With the holiday season, most of us indulge in retrospection of things we’ve achieved or failed at in the previous year. We are determined to start fresh, create another yearly to-do list and promise to stick to it. And we know that it will take time and patience to achieve what we are striving for. But, led by our previous experience, we also know that the remaining disciplined in our efforts with the strong will to meet our goal is not an easy task.

    Here, in Vega IT, we like to think that if you dedicate yourself entirely to your aim and most importantly truly believe in your potential, you can achieve anything. It’s not only about reaching a particular goal. It’s also about having that sense of achievement that makes us feel good about ourselves.


    According to the Maxwell Maltz’s theory, anyone can build a habit if they keep doing the same tasks for 21 days.

    With that in mind, and led by the Maxwell Maltz’s theory that anyone can build a habit if they keep doing the same tasks for 21 days, we've decided to organize a 21 day of the challenge. During this time everyone will have the chance to test their own determination and strength, reshape their old bad habits or create new and better ones.

    Unlike the last year, when we mainly focused on improving our health and body condition, this year we’ve decided to make our own resolutions and set our own goals. For example, spending an hour reading a book, giving up smoking, going to nature at the weekend, weight loss or weight gain. The options are endless, and the reward inevitable.

    The challenge starts on the 1st of February and ends on 22nd of February.

    We invite you to join us, define your own goals and support us in this amazing adventure. The only thing we need to do is gain control and everything will come naturally.

    So, let’s shape up (whatever that means to you) and desire the unexpected.

    And, don’t forget - habits change into character.

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