2016 as the happiest year ever

Maja Bozic Date 11-Jan-2016

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    One of our New Year's resolution for 2016. is to bring even more happiness to clients and to our workplace at Vega IT. A few days ago we became partners with the company called Woohoo inc. and that is AWESOME.

    Wondering why?

    Wohoo inc. are the leading international experts on happiness at work. As a partner in this program we get unlimited online access to the materials and concepts that they have created and refined over the last 12 year.


    2016 as the happiest year ever

    We will get:

    - workshop format including all exercises and slides.

    - Videos that show how they do speeches, workshops and management trainings.

    - Surveys about happiness at work that they've used with hundreds of clients.

    - The research studies that they use in their work.

    - Hundreds of articles from their blog.

    - Various games and activities.

    - Videos from their conferences.

    - other AWESOME materials that we can use in our everyday work.

    Happiness at work doesn't just happen. It takes a focused, long-term effort from people from all roles in the company. We are well aware of that and we are looking forward to pushing that even further now when we are partners of Woohoo Inc.

    Happiness at work doesn't come from raises, bonuses or perks. It comes from two things: Results and Relationships. That is what Vega IT is all about: Doing great work together with great people!!! #LifeAtVegaIT

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