Information system for the Mountain Rescue Service

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Information System For The Mountain Rescue Service

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    Our company is well-known for its dedication towards social responsibility. We believe that it is our duty, as a successful company, to help the community in which we operate and live, and to make it better both for us and others.

    During the visit to our most famous ski resort, Kopaonik, one of the important items included in our team building was getting acquainted with the work of the Mountain Rescue Service, since one of our colleagues needed help on one of the trails. We were absolutely thrilled by their knowledge and expertise, and what followed was an informal conversation through which we were informed that they were a volunteer service, that their goal was to help people in distress, but we also learned that they were considering transferring their organization management from the Excel system to an information system.


    During the visit to our most famous ski resort we got acquainted with the work of the Mountain Rescue Service, since one of our colleagues needed help on one of the trails.

    Having in mind all the values of our company, we suggested that Vega IT could create an information system for them. Their managers were very keen on the idea and of course approved it, which was then followed by organizing a meeting with the lads who are the leaders of the MRS and learned more regarding the structure and parts of their organization.

    The system is designed in such a manner that it consists of a several units. The basic part of the application would manage members, stations and skiers resorts covered by this organization. All other parts would rely on it, including the action management part, member licensing part and warehouse management part.

    Actions include all activities carried out throughout the year, and during which the members may improve their knowledge and skills. These actions relate to training, rescues under a variety of extreme conditions, such as: hiking, speleology, alpinism, skiing, diving.

    Each rescuer must refresh his knowledge in order to be able to engage in his activities covered by the service, and after passing the first-aid exam, physical fitness test and accumulating a sufficient number of points by attending regular annual activities, his license for the current year will be deemed as certified.

    In order to engage in the said activities, members of the MRS must use special rescue equipment. Such equipment is located in their warehouse, and the information system will be responsible for managing the loading/unloading of the equipment, the use of vehicles and monitoring the state of the equipment, so that they can react and organize their members to reach the site and help the persons in distress in the event of an emergency or need for an urgent response.

    The implementation of the said basic parts of the system is conceived as a web portal and the technology used for its creation will be Microsoft .NET framework. In addition, the idea is to create a part of the system that will use the REST service to enable communication with the information system, to pave the way for the creation of a future mobile phone application through which the members could perform certain field activities and record them directly into the system.

    Learn more about how to contact them, what they do and how to become a member by clicking on the link to the Mountain Rescue Service website or via their Facebook page.

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