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    It’s official! We have broken the record for the number of submitted ideas this year!

    Over the course of previous weeks, we have received numerous project ideas from NGOs and non-profit organisations for our CSR campaign “Code for a Cause 4.”


    Now, we are getting ready to start the second phase.

    What Should You Know About Phase #2?

    The first step after all the project ideas were collected, was to find out more about the scope of each project. We are proud to say that 20 project ideas will move on to the next stage of the campaign!

    We did all the legwork, and now we need your and your community’s help. You get to decide what our priorities should be!

    The voting will start on Monday, June the 21st, on our Facebook page, and it will finish on Friday, June the 25th at 12:00 PM CET.

    Who Can Vote for the Ideas?

    We invite all our citizens to get directly involved, and vote for one or more projects they think will have the biggest impact on our community.

    How Can You Vote for the Ideas?

    We kept the same rules as in the previous years: You vote by liking and commenting on the individual ideas, and we count your votes.

    On Friday, June the 25th at 12:00 PM CET, we will stop the voting, count your votes, and see which projects resonated the most with you.

    What are the Ideas?

    We present you the project ideas that moved to the next stage of the campaign:

    • The website AKUDUNS “Sonja Marinković” (organised by AKUDUNS “Sonja Marinković”)
    • The website “Zajedno možemo mnogo” (Novi Sad Association of Citizens)
    • The website The Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Vojvodina (the Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Vojvodina)
    • The “Eco-Hero” mobile app (Organisation Čepom do osmeha)
    • The platform for business coordination of the SOS Autonomous Women's Center (SOS Women's Center)
    • Digital support service for the students with disabilities (The Association of Students with Disabilities)
    • The website “Dečija pijaca” (Women's Business Club, Zrenjanin)
    • The website of the ACT Foundation, Serbia (ACT Foundation)
    • The website "Dobri ljudi" (Special Education School Dr Milan Petrović)
    • The website “Novi Sad – moderni grad” (BAZA, Association of Novi Sad Architects, Ephemera collective)
    • The website “” (
    • The MYNPB software (Vojvodina ICT Cluster )
    • The mobile app “Putevima žena” (Irida)
    • “Vitaplan Digital Assistant” (Kolping Society of Serbia)
    • Software for the “Uhvati film: Film dostupan svima” film festival (Creative Affirmative Organization PARNAS)
    • The mobile app “Psihofon” (ProAktiva Psychological Center)
    • The website for the Obnova Film Festival (the Obnova Film Festival)
    • The mobile app for the platelet donors (Leuka—The Association of Patients with Acute Leukemia)
    • The website for the LAB Cultural Center (LAB Cultural Center)
    • The website for the project “Nulta tolerancija nad nasiljem nad ženama”

    What’s in for the Community?

    The aim of the campaign is to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens by providing software solutions to NGOs and non-profit organisations that will remain free for use in the future.

    What's Coming up Next?

    We don’t stop once the voting is over. :)

    Once we complete the voting phase, and when our fellow citizens help us decide what our priorities should be, we will send open calls to other IT companies and design agencies from Serbia.

    We believe that by joining our strengths and knowledge, we can make positive changes in different communities.

    We hope to have a good response from other IT companies and that we prove once again that together we can achieve more!

    If you have any questions about this year's hackathon, feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

    *Vega IT claims rights to include an additional project idea which we believe will improve the well-being of the community we live in.

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