Dreamforce 2023: Chronicles on the Era of AI

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Dreamforce 2023 Chronicles On The Era Of AI News

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    Dreamforce 2023 wasn't just another event. It was a grand tech amphitheater where futurists, skeptics, leaders, and pioneers met, discussed, and converged at the crossroads of innovation. Electrifying discussions and debates sparked from every corner, and I could feel the pulse of the tech industry's heart becoming stronger as we realized that the age of AI isn't coming – it's already here. 

    Yet again, we stand in front of another seismic shift, a metamorphosis driven by AI's unparalleled power. As I dwell on this, I remember when the Internet was labeled a "fad". A time when mobile was just a mere communication tool. Only later on was I smitten by their potential. As the Partner and President for Americas and APAC at Vega IT, it's a deja vu, only this time, the siren's song is AI-led transformation. AI is rewriting the rules. All over again. 

    The turning tides of tech

    AI, once our industry's prodigious child, has matured with unforeseen ferocity and dwarfed every digital "revolution" we have previously encountered. For the past 12 months, it has demonstrated the kind of quantum leaps that once took decades to achieve. 

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    Dreamforce 2023 wasn't just a tech meet – it was like a selfie mirroring transformation. And, the reflection is – quite astonishing! The discussions, revelations, and enthusiasm I've witnessed spoke of the same truth – we are not in the same tech landscape we were several years ago. As the ground beneath our feet is shifting, forging new paradigms and reshifting industries – there are two types of executives. Those who are waiting and those who are diving headfirst. Which one are you? 

    AI: Trust and transformation

    Treading cautiously on the precipice has benefits, especially when you think about this kicker – AI isn't just about the tech revolution but the trust revolution. Let me break it down. 

    Every piece of AI algorithm, every decision-making neural net, holds in its (virtual) hand the trust of our stakeholders – customers, partners, and even our teams. With this great power (read: groundbreaking technology) comes tremendous responsibility. While AI offers untapped potential – from skyrocketing productivity to enhancing the user experience – it is paramount that we, industry leaders, exercise due diligence. We owe to our clients to ensure AI is safe and responsible - as we integrate it into our products and services. 

    I believe that we cannot afford to let the allure of AI blind us to the challenges in front of us.

    However, we can still keep our ambitious spirits (and cautious hearts) and ride this AI wave to leverage its power while never sacrificing the client's trust we have and which our companies have built on the market. 

    A CEO's vision vs. the reality check

    I could feel the enthusiasm amongst the CEOs about AI's potential. They are bullish, eager, and ready to harness it. It felt like we were in the candy store – eyes wide, hands reaching out, ready to grab the biggest candy. Only this time, the candy is a supercomputer with algorithms. 

    But we must be cautious because behind this optimism lurks a reality – plenty of companies are still fumbling in the dark without a clear AI strategy. It appeared similar to having a high-performance sports car but without the roadmap and final destination. The engine can roar without a destination – it's just noise. 

    Therefore, bringing the vision and reality closer is essential. How? By ensuring that the strategy complements the AI-driven concepts. Because our responsibility, as part of the leadership team, is to turn our clients' visions into realities. 

    Generative AI: A new dawn in business

    A few years ago, terms like "Large Language Models" would elicit only a polite nod at the tech conference. Fast forward to Dreamforce 2023; it's evident how these models have grown in significance. They aren't mere tools – they are becoming central to how we envision, strategize, and execute modern businesses. 

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    With their ability to generate, predict, and understand vast amounts of data, these models are reshaping almost everything and evolving into our partners in innovation. It would be wrong to disregard them as a luxurious addition; they are necessary to push enterprises forward. Envision this – personalizing digital campaigns that resonate so profoundly they feel almost bespoke. Customer support that predicts queries before they are written or voiced. HR operations streamline so well that talent is magnetically attracted to your companies. IT teams with coding assistants that refine, review, and reimage code in mere minutes. 

    Even though these may seem like fragments of some utopian future – spoiler alert: they're from today's business headlines, and these are tangible use cases illustrated with pride at

    Dreamforce. And they are waiting to be implemented in your company and your industry. If we neglect the potential generative AI brings, in a few years, it would seem like we are ignoring the power of the Internet in the 1990s. Let's be visionaries and not obsolete footnotes. 

    Beyond the hype: Practical steps for CEOs

    A grand vision brought forward by AI could be tethered to ground realities. CEOs shouldn't jump onto every AI-driven bandwagon but screen which caravan is headed to the promised land you like. Therefore, establish a clear, shared vision within your company and rally your team with purpose. Identify. Prioritize. Act. What is your business pain point that AI can soothe? Where does your organization's future lie amidst the vast sea of AI applications? 

    Tailor your path to transformation and – ride it.  

    Tailor your path to transformation and – ride it. 


    A call to harness time and command the future

    Therefore, dear leaders - the horizon is ablaze with the dawning era of AI. This technology has the potential to be the most generous one, giving us the one thing money can't buy – time. Time to focus on what truly matters

    However, beyond the glow of AI, our duty is clear – we must sift through the hype, identify and prioritize opportunities, and tailor them for organizations and clients. We are not just responsible for being the leaders and CEOs but also the sculptors of tomorrow. 

    The tools are within our reach - we can etch a lasting legacy by shaping and leading the AI renaissance. It's not just about our companies' fate but also the future trajectory of our industry. Let's rise to the occasion. 

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