From the floors of CES 2024: Forging a future where AI meets human insight, trust, and integrity

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As the first dawn of 2024 broke over the Las Vegas skyline, CES 2024 once again emerged not just as one of the most essential tech conferences but as a beacon for the new year's boundless possibilities.

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    CES 2024 is the event where you can feel the industry's pulse the strongest and where the brightest minds come together to shape the technological narrative of the year ahead. The same was true for this year, too. Transformative ideas lit up every conversation, some with old friends and some with new ones.

    This year's CES wasn't just about showcasing the next big gadget or piece of software but also about witnessing another monumental event. Shift in how we perceive and interact with technology in business. For companies like Vega IT and all of us attending, CES 2024 marked the beginning of the most crucial transformation we'll undertake this decade. We weren't just stepping into another event but into the future.

    AI: The new frontier of business innovation (the “small is better” approach)

    At CES 2024, the AI buzzword was different from at other conferences. This time, the focus was on generative AI, a powerhouse transforming the fabric of business as we know it. The best and brightest spoke about its potential, and over 95% of C-level executives are banking on generative AI to overhaul their tech architecture.

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    However, from my experience, this isn't your run-of-the-mill tech upgrade. It's the kind of leap that rewrites rules and redrafts business models—a new frontier in business innovation. Thankfully, leveraging AI no longer demands a battalion of tech wizards in-house. Instead, AI's democratization paves the way for a network of models that can result in multi-agent generative ecosystems. And a shift in how we think about and execute business strategies.

    This is why the undercurrent of every CEO's conversation at CES 2024 was clear. It evolved from "what AI can do" to "how AI can amplify profitability, supercharge productivity, and deepen the value of customer relationships." These questions CEOs are grappling with are seriously demanding, which excites us at Vega IT. I believe we can truly leverage AI to bring about a real, strategic change. 

    However, the key to unlocking these questions isn't just in technology — it's in ideation. But the kind that doesn't just keep up with the curve but bends it. Creating an executable AI strategy means thinking beyond conventional bounds and marrying bold ideas with actionable plans. It's about envisioning a future where AI isn't just an add-on but an integral part of the business fabric, driving innovation and propelling companies into new realms.

    Data is (still) the heartbeat of modern enterprises 

    Data is the lifeblood that fuels modern business. Yet, we need more cohesive, consistent data as we peer into it. When enterprises are faced with this, they realize they need to put their strategic efforts on hold.

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    I completely understand the aspiration to be data-powered. It is a universal need and the dream of every tech-transformed company aiming to become a data-centric industry leader. Yet, dreams (and, more often, business strategies) shatter against the hard rock of "bad" data.

    This is why Vega IT was spotlighted at CES as the mender of broken data streams. We don't want to just participate in the data dialogue; we can write the future chapters of data-driven success. Our experienced digital advisory team is successfully bridging fragmented data into unified, actionable insights daily. Thanks to our precise methodology and dedication, we get involved in the projects from initiating the discovery process to their precise execution.

    Creativity and technology: The new power duo 

    At CES 2024, certain undeniable truths were told – creativity and technology are the new dynamic duo powering the tech industry. And I agree with it. It's an alliance that can redefine innovation and infuse products with soul and substance. From our very beginnings, we at Vega IT have embraced this paradigm. We understood that the actual winning products are the ones that resonate deeply with users. This is why our tech approach was always infused with creativity, ensuring that the products we develop don't just function – they fascinate. Both clients and consumers.

    You can clearly recognize the products that have both the soul (creativity) and the capacity (technology)—they are KINGS in the respective areas, be it in VR, AR, or a SaaS that solves your "pain." Such products don't just meet the basic need – they captivate you and make your life easier or more enjoyable.

    Tomorrow's tech needs to build trust

    Among the truths spoken at CES 2024, one was steadfast – trust. The future is not just about the technology we create but also about the trust we cultivate. Our customers, employees, and partners seek more than just solutions; they seek assurance.


    In this new era, trust is the currency that transcends market storms. As we navigate waves of AI and data-driven landscapes, forging genuine connections is necessary, and our compass must be calibrated to human values.

    Zoran Vasiljev, Partner and President Americas & APAC

    In Vega IT, we do this by integrating human insight and ensuring that our sophisticated technology is rooted in this most basic human principle.

    The key lies in operational execution

    Listening to lectures and talking with innovators at CES 2024, I saw the difference between dreamers and doers: the ability to execute. Ideas and strategy may chart the course, but without adept execution, it's just a dream. It takes a real art(ist) to transform insights into actions swiftly and effectively. And sometimes, it takes an experienced partner to have your back when it comes to execution. This is why I felt a certain pride in how my colleagues at the company handle their clients' projects – breathing life into visionary ideas and strategic blueprints. 

    As I close the chapter on CES 2024 and look to the horizon, once again, I feel that the torch of innovation is in our grasp. Leaders need to step boldly into the future, transform challenges into opportunities, and chart a course where technology meets tenacity. 

    Let's carry with us the "all on" spirit. Only in this way can we shape the world of tomorrow. Get in touch at, and let’s discuss how we can find fast, elegant solutions to your trickiest problems.

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