Case Study - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Hair Assessment Questionnaire

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study

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    Recently, Vega IT was contacted by a client from the healthcare industry to help them implement a hair assessment questionnaire through Salesforce marketing cloud.

    This questionnaire was designed to provide prospects with more personalised information about their hair as well as hair product recommendations.

    The Client:

    Healthcare industry with recognisable clinics around the globe. So far they have helped more than 120k people solve their hair care challenges.

    They provide a tailored approach to their clients and supply them with hair care products specifically designed to improve optimal health and quality of hair and to stimulate its growth.

    The Goals:

    The goal of the project was to develop a unique questionnaire with rules that would ultimately create a dynamic result page. Based on the answers and active rules, the user is provided with the product recommendation, the explanations, suggestions and more personalised information about hair health care.

    In parallel with developing the project that would meet the client's unique request, our solution had to be flexible to add more rules, questions, options, languages and other items since they operate in different markets worldwide.

    All the collected data had to be transferred to Salesforce.

    The deadline for the project was fixed as our client had already planned to promote the questionnaire on the popular TV show.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study

    We implemented a hair assessment questionnaire through Salesforce marketing cloud for our client


    The first task was to transfer the collected data to Salesforce service cloud.

    Our engineers designed the architecture and the data models keeping in mind the client’s requirements: flexibility for further adaptations and extensions, excellent user experience on all platforms, smooth integration with the Shopify website, the possibility to save the questionnaire and continue using it later.

    The landing page was created as a single page application where we implemented the sessions management. Additionally to the Questionnaire SPA, we implemented an additional secured rest API responsible for the data manipulation.


    For the landing page, we used the Cloud Page from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    We implemented a secured rest API Cloud Page responsible for retrieving and storing the data to the Data Extension and for the proper data propagation to the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Rest API is implemented using the AMP script.

    We designed the Data Extensions model specifically for the scope of the project.


    The team consisted of 3 Marketing Cloud Developers and one Front-End Developer.


    The launch of the questionnaire was successful and delivered on time which resulted in an increased number of new prospects and buyers. The completion rate of the questionnaire was more than 95%, despite the fact that the average time to complete the survey was 10 minutes.

    The client recognised more opportunities to automate their existing processes and help doctors track the hair health care process more efficiently, which will be a part of the phase two of the project scope.

    This introduction of a detailed questionnaire increased the client’s revenue and positioned the brand as one of the leaders in the industry.

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