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Case Study: Braintoss

The client contacted Vega IT to improve their existing application. After detecting and fixing the application issue, we continued to improve the original code and created a new extension for Apple Watch.

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Case Study: Tatatu

How we helped Tatatu build the first social media app that incentivizes users for the value they generate by spending time on the platform.

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Case study: Data Visualisation in InsurTech

Our client is a company that provides insurance broking, risk management, and claims consulting services globally. The main purpose of the project was to turn insights into numerous data by developing Platform - a set of about 20 applications that would collect, process, and present data in a specific way to support the business decisions of our users.

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Case Study: Argus Data Insights

The client is a company that processes data collected from the media and finds insights within that data. Our goal was to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) backend services to improve solution performance and accuracy. Find out more.

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Case Study: Chirrup

We helped Chirrup create a competitive bird sound recognition model that is 5 times faster than similar solutions. Read on to learn more about the results!

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Case Study - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Hair Assessment Questionnaire

Recently, Vega IT was contacted by a client from the healthcare industry to help them implement a hair assessment questionnaire through Salesforce marketing cloud. Find out more.

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Case Study: Viantro

The client contacted Vega IT to improve the existing internal application, which their employees use daily. The improved application needed to be more intuitive, reliable and to enable easy navigation and filtration through the large database of their clients

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Case Study: SMS PLC

As the first and the only certified Umbraco CMS Partner in Eastern Europe, we are successfully building and maintaining Umbraco powered websites on the .NET platform for numerous companies.

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Case Study: Akros

We helped Akros build a detailed, interactive mapping system for health interventions in Africa. 

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Case Study: Bank of Cyprus - National Website

Our client needed a website to present their services, offers and new updates to their customers, so we suggested using the EPiServer content management system. The new and easily-managed website reflects a company’s new visual identity. During the development process, together with the client, we decided to implement additional pages and features to the website.

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Case Study: Global retail shop

Our client provided us with already developed UI design and our responsibility was to develop a mobile app with all the listed features. Our goal was to increase the number of customers with easy-to-use mobile app and great user experience.

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Case Study: Heartcount App

Heartcount is an AI-powered tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that impact happiness at work.

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Cybersecurity made easier

The development of a web extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox and the development of the metrics that would help our client evaluate the users’ activity. The extension would track and trace what users do on the internet and it would check if all the components are updated and if everything functions well.

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Case Study: Salesforce Custom Application - New Employees Onboarding Process

Our People Experience and Support team recently approached our Salesforce team to help them develop a custom application that will help them automate the new onboarding process at Vega IT. Find out more in our Case Study.

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Case Study: Aprimo

We introduced ElasticSearch into the system, which reduced search execution dramatically (for some search expressions from a couple of minutes to tens of milliseconds).The new version of Aprimo Smart Content Hub supports heavier operations executed in the everyday environment, it allows fast execution of very complex search expressions and it’s fully extensible and customizable.

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Saša co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with his former university roommate Vladan. Their dream of founding an IT company has grown into the premier software company with more than 750 engineers in Serbia. If you prefer to send an email, feel free to reach out at hello.sasa@vegaitglobal.com.

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