Design Rush: Vega IT in top 12 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development companies

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    According to Design Rush’s reviews, Vega IT Sourcing is highly ranked. This guide on the best performers in a certain business area puts our company in the top 12 best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers & CRM Companies in 2019.


    Best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers & CRM Companies Of 2019

    What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    If you have been wondering which is the leading eCommerce platform, the answer is - Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This software provides online shopping to be accomplished by different devices. Finally, in terms of scoring better performance with customers, this platform connects with other Salesforce clouds, such as the Sales, Marketing and Service Clouds.

    Why is Salesforce Important?

    Salesforce is the most frequently used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Marketing Cloud is the Salesforce’s application and its purpose is to improve the relationship with clients. This application covers and develops a variety of fields including marketing, sales, customer service, support, commerce etc.

    Who Enhances Salesforce Development in Vega IT?

    In Vega IT, there are 5 certified Salesforce programers and Marketing Cloud consultants who are in charge of Salesforce development. This team has faced various obstacles one Salesforce assignment could bring in. Thus, they can guide a client from the beginning to the very end of any Salesforce procedure. Additionally, these developers and consultants are skilled enough to suggest adequate solutions and upgrade an existing application.

    What Have We Done So Far at Salesforce Platform?

    Global email marketing is our Salesforce example which showcases the whole procedure and all of the stages of the given project. The purpose of this task was to reach 7 million subscribers. That request demanded communication with clients. Our developers enabled it by using the Marketing Cloud platform. Finally, after content sharing, email campaigns and the analysis, we managed to reach 6,9 million participants.

    Have a glance at the projects we have done so far and find out more details about Salesforce.

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