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Case Study: Viantro

By: Boban Miksin
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Viantro Doctari Case Study

The client contacted Vega IT to improve the existing internal application, which their employees use daily.

The improved application needed to be more intuitive, reliable and to enable easy navigation and filtration through the large database of their clients.

The Client:


Macro image Viantro

Viantro is a matchmaking platform that helps both doctors find new job opportunities and medical institutions to shorten their hiring process and access the right medical candidates in Germany.

Viantro manages the entire selection process instead of a medical institution and thoroughly analyses each vacancy requirement.

The medical institution receives a preselection of licensed and pre-qualified doctors who are ideally suited for the position. Our client coordinates the interviews and takes care of all the matters relating to the new employee's start.

By using our client's matchmaking platform, medical institutions can shorten the hiring process from 136 days on average to just a few days.


The client had two existing applications which needed to be adjusted and maintained to fit the needs of the industry.

The project's initial scope was to refactor and optimise the existing code and add new functionalities that will make the use of the application easier for our client's employees.

The legacy code we inherited was tangled and difficult to maintain. After two months of optimising the existing code, the client decided to start developing the front-end side of both applications from the ground up.


Rebuilding the legacy application's front-end side allowed our team to improve the architecture and the logic behind the applications.

By using engineering thinking, we were able to create better UX, and the application is now easier to use. This approach enabled us to utilise a new and improved structure to easily add new features the client needed.

On the back-end side, we added new features upon the existing data model and kept backward compatibility with the old front-end, while refactoring the existing database schema since the application had a large amount of production data we needed to keep.

One of the biggest challenges was refactoring complex database models to be able to have more modular, reusable, cleaner and easier-to-maintain business logic and SQL queries.

As the scope of back-end functionalities increased, we created a new and improved restful API, while keeping backwards compatibility of the old API.

To protect the users' personal data which are managed in the application, we made the entire data management process GDPR-compliant.

The new application is now covered with tests. In this way, we made the software more reliable.


We used HTML, CSS, Angular, NgRx library, and Angular material for the front-end side. For testing, we used Karma and Jasmine.

For the back-end side, we used Java, Spring framework, and PostgreSQL for the database.

Both applications are Dockerized.

The team:

The team initially consisted of two dedicated software developers, but the client increased their dedicated team to six software developers over time.

The Result:

The client's employees are already using the new internal application for processing job applications.

The improved software allows its users to easily navigate the app due to the better UI/UX and access the necessary data in fewer steps. By doing so, Viantro can process more applications and remain Germany's go-to platform for matching medical professionals with medical institutions.

The client is satisfied with our dedicated team, and our next focus is improving Viantro's external application's performances.

Boban Miksin


Boban is a craftsman with more than ten years of dedicated service to the development and management of new software.

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