Case Study: Heartcount App

Author: Vladan Ostojic Date 02-Dec-2020 2 minutes to read
Heartcount Case Study

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    Founders of Vega IT came up with an idea to develop Heartcount app when they met Alexander Kjerulf, the founder of Woohoo Inc. and the author of a few books about happiness at work.

    Vega IT has been developing Heartcount product both conceptually and technologically for two and a half years.

    The Project:

    Heartcount App

    Case Study about Heartcount app

    Heartcount is an AI-powered tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that impact happiness at work.

    The tool provides the management with immediate feedback and operational information for everyone in the ecosystem. Also, it improves the decision-making process and outcomes based on real-time analysis and predictions. Heartcount brings the entire ecosystem together, from employees, through the HR office to managers.

    The goal

    The idea behind the product was to build simple, reliable and accessible software that could help companies better understand their employees.

    The application needed to be light and give company management frequent insight into how their employees feel and what they think about certain topics through weekly surveys. This allows management to detect challenges quickly, react promptly to them and prevent employee turnover.

    The solution

    The application works tightly but independently for each of the two groups of users (employees and management).

    Each Friday at 11 A.M. (depending on their time-zone) the users automatically receive transactional email or programmable SMS survey using the integration with third-party service providers Postmark and Twilio.

    The login process is completed via tokens and credentials as well as two-factor authentication.

    The survey relies on conditional HTML for detecting the used email client.

    After submitting their answers, the users are redirected to the single page application where they can see how they and all other teams in their organisation answered the survey and, then, take additional actions (write messages to the management, praise colleagues, etc.).

    For the company’s management, we created a separate app - Portal, which regular users don’t have access to. Here, managers can see all of the collected information from the employees (survey summary, survey comments, team`s statistics, individual statistics, messages, praises, etc.).

    Through Heartcount Portal, the company management can register employees that will receive weekly surveys, organise employees into teams and receive various email notifications as well as In-App Notifications.


    Client side: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 5+, HTML, CSS,
    Server side: JavaScript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Sequelize ORM, MySql

    The team

    The team consisted of two back-end developers, product owner, sales manager, business development manager and marketing manager.

    Our results

    In the first year on the market, Heartcount established itself as a reliable and innovative product that measures how employees feel at work.

    The product achieved a great success, and today, more than 3000 users from 20+ companies are using Heartcount app to better understand their employees and their needs.
    By establishing a close connection with clients’ managers, the team is able to constantly implement new features and improve the product.

    The application is multilingual and is available in English, Serbian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and French language.

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