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The reality is, great people do leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, they want to start businesses on their own, they want to become freelancers, they find a better paid job or something else. The fact that they left doesn’t mean that they had bad intentions or bad experiences and that they left because of that. In most cases, those people continue to be our friends. We continue to spend time together and try to help each other every time we can.

What it means to support our Alumni colleagues

In 2012, Vega IT's creative front-end development team, spearheaded by Slađana Miljanović and Danilo Novaković, launched DaFED, a small gathering of front-end developers from just a few companies. Just a few months after the first meetup, Danilo co-founded DaFED, a nonprofit organization designed for associating and networking of professional designers and front-end developers, with Stanislava Stojanović Novoselac, and Vega IT has been the platinum sponsor from the beginning. Since then, DaFED has evolved from a simple educational meetup to a fully realized monthly community conference, accommodating more than 150 people.

One of our Alumni collagues

Why the Alumni network?

The Alumni network is about lifelong relationships. The belief that keeping in touch is the right thing to do. It’s about mutual trust, mutual investment, and mutual benefit in an era where lifetime employment is no longer the norm. Only people with an invite have the chance to be a part of our alumni program.

Marko Jovanov

Mladen Bukejlović

Marija Vučetić

Ivan Kockarević

Velibor Stančić

Bojan Bosanac

Valer Varga

Marinko Spasojević

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