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Magento development services

Magento - one of the world's most popular open-source platforms for creating e-commerce sites is well-known by its diverse structure of language usage, easy upgrade and SEO friendly environment. By choosing Vega IT you provide yourself high-quality e-commerce with the complete developer, design and SEO support.


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Why Magento?

Magento development outsourcing is one of the most frequently outsourced platforms. Why? It has full and continuous support from Magento development company and provides countless variants for expanding and upgrading both the website development team and the designer.

The possibilities are enormous, the platform is advanced, and the e-commerce user depends on the extent to which this potential will be utilized. Magento Vega IT website development teams build a platform on ZEND framework, use the MySQL database management system and PHP programming language. Its basic functionality is that it supports the cataloging and management of articles and product categories. Also gives the full support that a store must have such as updating prices, coupons and discounts, registering users, complete order processing with generating and printing invoices, tax calculation and the use of different types of payments. The benefits of Magento are fully adapted to the needs of the shop owner and there is always a space for further upgrading through the implementation of extensions.

Why do we choose to work with Magento?

Vega IT insists on the development and use of the best platforms. Magento development company provides full support in developing its product and thus enables our developers and designers to exploit their potential and produce a quality product in the form of a webshop.

Magento has four key advantages:

1. Open Source

It implies an open code that can be modified in a way that suits the user, which provides numerous opportunities in eCommerce. The market dictates changes and upgrades in order to improve functionality are inevitable. This is solved using extensions that are specifically designed for certain services and clients.

2. Modularity and Scalability

Magento is intended for merchants with vision who aim to seriously build their work. Although it does not have to mean that additional expansion will be required with the growth of trade. It is important that this option exists and that inventions can be made without changing the existing webshop.

3. Out of the box

The ability to control the appearance and functionality of the webshop as well as the marketing tools places. It is build on platforms that are the source of inspiration for developers and SEO experts. Although it is set up as a template, the changes can be full.

4. SEO friendly

The existence of a large number of product, customers and order data provides great opportunities for marketing professionals to position the webshop on the market, primarily on Google. The data allow the market to be well segmented and based on business plans. SEO analyzes and strategies help to raise the attendance of the webshop, and thus further strengthen the brand.

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How can Vega IT help you?

Since there is a free and paid version of Magento, that can be purchased directly from the developer of the company, the question arises where Vega IT is in this story and why do you need us?

Magento comes with a template, but it needs to be adapted to your e-commerce, that is, the template needs to implement completely new themes and web site layouts, insert effective JavaScript effects and SEO to enhance functionality and traffic to stand out in the market. We'll show you how Magento works and why is it the best platform to boost your business. Magento developers and designers are at your disposal to create your e-commerce, maintain it and build it up as needed. WEB stores are dynamic and require constant work on them.

By choosing Vega IT you provide yourself high-quality e-commerce with the complete developer, design and SEO support. Contact us today and get started.

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