The Top 6 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing Bespoke Software

Date 13-Apr-2023
Top 6 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing Bespoke Software

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    Providing high-quality software to users is the number one way to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. To reach that goal you need teams of developers, engineers, and project managers capable of designing, building, and maintaining an industry-leading application for your business. While that may seem like an impossibly tough task — bespoke software development teams bring precisely those skill sets and capabilities into organizations at a moments notice.

    Providing top-quality development teams to businesses looking to make a big impact with their software is what bespoke software development providers strive to do. With decades of combined practical experience, in-depth domain knowledge across many global industries, and unrivaled technical expertise — bespoke development teams are formed to meet the unique challenges faced by every organization.

    Over the last 15 years, our expert development teams have helped businesses across more than a dozen unique industries in countries all around the world build impactful software tailored to their requirements.

    Here, we lay out the impacts we've made in specific companies during that time and detail the benefits our services have brought to organizations to highlight the key reasons you should consider choosing bespoke software development for your next project.

    Why Choose Bespoke Software Development?

    The marketplace for modern software is extremely competitive. Software providers are being constantly driven to find improvements in efficiency, increases in productivity, and better ways of reaching and engaging with their users. Bespoke software solutions meet these challenges head-on with teams hand-picked for every development project.

    There are few better ways of improving on efficiency and productivity than leaning on teams that have implemented dozens of projects across multiple industries using several technologies and languages in recent years. Experience in technical fields is universally hard won and the time, knowledge, and skills that come from gaining it is quite literally irreplaceable.

    Bespoke development teams offer technical expertise in every aspect of a project from its design and interface through to regulatory compliance in the region and industry you plan to deploy it. Most importantly of all, they provide the technical skills necessary from initial construction through to testing, deployment, and long-term maintenance.

    Bespoke software is the opposite of an off-the-shelf solution. The goals of bespoke software are in providing businesses with a robust and reliable platform for future construction, expertise, impactful services, and personalized user experiences. In opposition to a generic software tool aimed at solving today's a single technical problem — bespoke solutions are designed around building up your business, its knowledge, and its people.

    Still weighing up the choice between deploying bespoke software or an off-the-shelf equivalent? Understandably, it's a tough choice to make — so here are six reasons to choose bespoke software to improve your business in the next year ahead.

    6 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Software

    1. It Delivers a Unique Competitive advantage

    From designing a user experience unique to your software to delivering features and functionality that competitors can't match — bespoke software provides the time, skills, and experience for you to make a unique imprint on the industry.

    Practical knowledge of your users, their expectations, and their requirements are areas of expertise your teams already have. Combining them with the technical know-how and industry experience of our teams can escalate both to build software capable of redefining what users should expect.

    Bespoke software solutions can provide a unique advantage to organizations in today's marketplace. Our recent article on [upgrading to bespoke software] takes a look at the advantages bespoke can provide over off-the-shelf solutions to modern tech-based businesses.

    2. It Provides Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

    In most cases, there's no need to throw out good processes and tools when getting rid of bad ones. A key advantage of bespoke software is its ability to be built in and around existing workflows to extend what a company can do rather than rebuild it entirely from the ground up.

    Whether plugging a gap that exists in today's processes or augmenting and extending existing workflows to provide additional control or functionality — bespoke application development can put integration at the heart of development and build on top of what already works well.

    One recent partnership we undertook involved modernizing a client's existing systems and services with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and AI technologies. Our teams achieved this by replacing the software's outdated microservices with modernized code, access to an NLP backend, and automated software tools capable of fully replacing existing manual processes.

    Through iterative improvement and the use of a prototype application, our teams were able to create a robust software solution that excelled in performance and capability for our client. You can read more about our work and partnership with Argus Data Insights here.

    3. It Allows You to Build a Highly Scalable Solution

    By delivering exceptional integration with existing systems and placing branding and usability at the heart of construction — bespoke software provides an immediate boost to productivity and development. Yet, it's also capable of delivering its advantages over very long timescales too.

    By building systems with a modernized architecture and up-to-date supporting technologies, our teams regularly create modular systems that can be modified and extended to meet future software requirements as well as they meet today's. The reason that this is such a key factor in choosing bespoke software is that it allows your business to grow, evolve, and change as necessary while still relying on the technologies and processes that have underpinned its success.

    Bespoke applications allow your teams to define precisely what their software should be capable of doing and how it should be structured under the surface. The level of control that bespoke apps allow means avoiding unnecessary bloat, tailoring performance characteristics to user requirements, and building only features that make a major impact for users.

    In some cases, we have even been able to come in and revitalise legacy systems to provide these characteristics. This is precisely what we did when working with Hyperion-X to revitalise an insurance brokerage platform using modern technologies, an upgraded front-end, and a re-designed back-end system. You can read about the project, its technologies, and the results we were able to achieve here.

    4. Improving Application Security

    Keeping data secure is one of the most pressing concerns for companies today. Data breaches are regularly featured in the news affecting both individuals and multi-national organizations with dire consequences.

    Good application security is a feature of great software that, when done well, should go entirely unnoticed. For precisely this reason it's an undervalued asset in many software solutions — making it a key strength of bespoke software.

    Bespoke solutions can be developed with the security of your business and its existing systems firmly in mind. By taking a close look at the way you use software, our experts can identify potential gaps in security and flaws in design that can be closed long before ever writing the first lines of code.

    Past experience in the cybersecurity field has made us acutely aware of potential threats and resources to protect against future attacks. One of our previous projects involved building a cybersecurity extension for the banking and insurance industry to quantify threats in a new way. You can read about the project, the unique challenges it faced, and what we learned about cyber security here.

    5. Providing Regulatory Compliance

    Importing industry-leading leading expertise means bringing in more than just technical development skills. Today that expertise also has to include knowledge of regulations and compliance standards in each industry and region we operate in.

    With experience in more than a dozen industries around the world — this is an area we know well.

    While off-the-shelf software typically creates broad generalist coverage for businesses — bespoke can provide precise functionality and support for every compliance objective and regulatory mandate. This gives businesses a level of control, visibility, and ongoing assurance that is difficult to match with any other approach.

    6. It Puts you in Control of Your Entire Tech Stack

    The single biggest pitfall of off-the-shelf software for many companies is that it's handled externally at all. In practice, this means giving up the direction of its development, the service integrations it has available, and the duration of its life cycle.

    Taking ownership of your own software and systems eliminates this risk and provides control of your in-house services from end to end.

    Working with a Bespoke Software Provider

    The most important thing to look for in a software provider is experience and expertise relevant to your industry. While each of these six reasons to go bespoke are equally important to your project, the unspoken seventh reason is that you've found a reliable software provided with a proven track record of delivering great software and a thorough understanding of both your business and its industry.

    The right provider should offer a collaborative approach to bespoke software development and a relationship that leans on thorough knowledge and expertise from both sides of the partnership.

    Look for a software partner that is clear and transparent with their entire development process, one that can point to examples of tailored software solutions they've delivered to companies in the past, and one that's committed to working together in the future to extend, support, and maintain your software products.

    Bespoke Application Development

    Of course, we know we can deliver each of those and more for the business we partner with. Our  long history of previous case studies and examples speak for themselves. We're extremely proud of the many strong relationships we've built with our partners throughout our 15 years in the tech industry and our ability to provide industry-leading software to them.

    Our bespoke software development teams are a key part of this ability and at the heart of everything we do. To find out how a bespoke software solution can impact your business and its services, get in touch to discuss solutions that will break new ground within your industry.