How to use AI to boost user engagement in specific regions?

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Unlocking global success: The AI-driven future of localizations

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    Over the last couple of years, the art of localization has transcended beyond mere translation — it's become the heartbeat of user engagement and something that shouldn't be taken lightly.

    Imagine this: a consumer encounters your brand on digital channels. Still, instead of language they need help understanding, they are greeted with the warm familiarity of their language and culturally relevant wordplays. That's the true power of well-executed localization.

    Indeed, the statistics also back us up:

    • 76% of consumers are likelier to purchase products with information in their native language, and 
    • A staggering 40% will turn away if this isn't an option. 

    These statistics are not just numbers; they should be a loud wake-up call to businesses striving to be internationally and locally relevant. But how do we bridge the vast markets? In this context, the answer is both simple and complicated: generative AI. It isn't just an asset; nowadays, it's necessary for companies who need to understand and talk to consumers in their language – it's an essential strategy for global triumph.

    Why language matters more than ever

    Imagine walking into a party where everyone speaks a different language. You'd feel lost, disconnected, maybe even ignored. That's precisely what consumers think when they casually land on your website, which needs to be translated into their language and are interested in a product. A lost opportunity? More than that. Your company and brand paint the picture that you – don't care about them. 

    How To Use AI To Boost User Engagement In Specific Regions BLOG DETAILS 1

    Research from CSA also backs this up –  a user's language is not just a communication tool; it's a cultural passport. When three out of four consumers choose products that "speak their language," they choose convenience, respect, connection, and relevance. 

    We live in a time where every click and scroll is an opportunity for a dialogue with the consumer, and speaking the consumer's language is – your brand's voice.

    Kosta Kupresak, Partner at Vega IT

    The absence of native language content isn't merely an oversight – it's a business risk that translates into lost sales, diminished user experience, and a tarnished brand image. We can compare it to turning off the lights in a showroom – the brilliance of your products remains unseen, and sales numbers are not happening. 

    Well, unless you employ the power of AI. Generative AI can act as a translator and cultural intermediary, ensuring that your global handshake is firm and your greeting personal. With an additional and light human touch, every sentence can be crafted, and every message conveyed in the consumer's language. This can translate to seeds of engagement that grow into the robust tree of loyalty and revenue. 

    Invest less and gain more with AI 

    Another benefit of AI translation tools is their cost-effectiveness. When we compare AI with traditional translation methods, the contrast is stark. While conventional techniques may be meticulous, they are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often vary by translator. However, in the fast-paced global market, time is of the essence.

    Certainly, generative AI tools have disrupted the meticulous craft of translation with the speed of automation – but they have, advantageously,  maintained a human touch in translations. We can think of them as a paradoxical blend of precision and speed that delivers nuanced translations at a fraction of the cost – and we can reallocate the investment in areas that AI can't replicate – the human elements of localization. 

    How To Use AI To Boost User Engagement In Specific Regions BLOG DETAILS 2

    Imagine what your company might do. Funnel the savings from AI translation into market research, cultural adaptation, and user experience – the areas where understanding the subtle intricacies of local culture, colloquialisms, and customs can make or break a brand, especially if the brand is entering a new market. Here is where AI's advantage shines – it allows businesses to invest less in the mechanical aspects of translation so that companies can channel their resources into crafting messages that resonate more deeply with their audience. 

    Global brands are winning with localized content

    When you dive into the depths of localization, a world far beyond mere translation is revealed, as you need to understand market-specific needs and embrace cultural nuances. 

    Generative AI has the potential to transform the raw copy material into gold – accurate, context-aware translations so that cultural adaptation can take place. You can think of cultural adaptation as a process beyond changing words. It's about adjusting visuals, references, and messaging to align with local sensibilities. This demands a nuanced understanding that AI, for all its advances, cannot fully replicate. Here, generative AI can act as a bridge so companies can engage local experts, conduct in-depth market research, and develop marketing strategies that truly resonate.

    In today's interconnected marketplace, the strategic imperative of localization cannot be overstated. As businesses worldwide vie for international attention, the ability to speak directly to a user in their language and within a cultural context emerges as a critical differentiator.

    Kosta Kupresak, Partner at Vega IT

    Companies can ensure their messages resonate deeply locally by leveraging tools like Smartling and Google Cloud Translate. This allows businesses to secure their competitive edge and continue journeying to global success.

    At Vega IT, we're more than ready to guide businesses through the AI-driven future of localization. Our expertise isn't just about staying ahead – it's about helping your company become interwoven in the local culture and context. Get in touch. 

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