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Open banking and A2A payments in the US: Evaluating the...

  • Business Insights

FIs and fintechs should not ignore the A2A payments potential in the US. At the same time, they must carefully consider the potential use cases in the US context and choose an entry point with the least amount of potential ...

Nebo Djurdjevic 12-Feb-2024
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Is AR in retail a gimmick or a strategic tool?

  • Business Insights

We’re living in the attention-deficit era, which means you need to level up your game to earn the attention of your target audience. With content saturation and advanced personalization, consumers are getting bombarded with...

Aleksandar Milincic 04-Mar-2024
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Why AI in EdTech is the disruptor we need

  • Business Insights

EdTech is revolutionary in its mission to transform the way we teach and learn, but why does it generally "lag behind" when it comes to technological advancements? Moreover, why does it shy away from AI?

Djordje Jovic 21-Feb-2024
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