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Questions from our potential

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No, you would never even get to speak with a junior who can’t meet your expectations.

We provide support to several clients based on different SLAs. If you need a developer available when in urgent need, an SLA with short response time will make sure you get the right help on time.

Our colleagues will do their best to give explanations in non-tech language. It might still happen that they sometimes start to mumble in tech but they’ll not mind if you interrupt them and ask for clear non-tech English :-)

Happy employees will serve customers better and happy customers drive growth and profitability. Read more about Happiness at work.


We don't believe in online testimonials - nobody believes when reading those. Feel free to ask us and we'll provide you the list of our clients that you can call and speak with them in person.

Vega IT provides all team members with conditions for a healthy life, which is reflected in the following:

  • Everyday consummation of seasonal fruit that can be found in every office,
  • Use of bottled water within easy reach,
  • Participation in trainings (Crossfit, Yoga and gym);
  • Use of private health insurance;
  • Undergoing regular medical examinations,
  • Eye examinations
  • Insurance against accidents etc.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, we have developed our own platform called Fitlife.

We usually cooperate with companies from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland but we look forward to working with companies from other countries.

We usually work on a “dedicated team” basis but we are also fine with “time and material” and “fixed price” models when the scope of work is well known in advance.

The main service provided by Vega IT is Software product development. We have also co-founded four more companies: SmartCat (Analytics and Data Science company), BrightMarbles (Software Development for startups, Java and C++), Bee IT (Mobile Applications Development, PHP, Drupal and Magento) and Elder (Branding and UI design) so we are able to provide these services to you as well.

Questions from our potential colleagues

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The advantage of internship at our company lies in the fact that it can be done anytime throughout the year. In this way, prospective candidates can plan their time in order to be better prepared for the internship and devote two or three weeks to perfecting their skills acquired at university. 

Which internships are currently open?

If you show above-average working performance during your internship, there is a possibility of your employment. The job offer depends also on the current needs of the company for new team members. This is one of the reasons why we demand a high level of knowledge from candidates before they are allowed to do the internship. The practice within our company, as opposed to the traditional approach, implies that students (and other interested persons) are provided the opportunity to work on projects as closely as possible, as if it comes to working on projects that we perform for our clients.

The reason for this is twofold:

  • in this way they are provided an insight into how and what we actually do and
  • if they meet certain conditions, they will be offered to start working with us.

If you want to learn more about the current job openings at our company, visit our career page and find out more. If you want to apply for a position which is currently not on our career page, feel free to contact us on jobs@vegait.rs

It is recommended for all candidates to read the terms and conditions prior to starting their internship. You can find all of the necessary information if you visit:

Yes, of course. This is the best option, because before announcing an open job position, we first go through our candidate base to check whether we have a suitable candidate who has already submitted his/her CV. If that is not the case, we commence with the steps of publishing an open job position.

You can send your CV to the following e-mails through the contact form on our website.

The duration of the internship for candidates who are interested in becoming part of Vega IT is three weeks and all of the internships can be found on our career page.

It is always recommended to bring a part of the source code that you have written, if possible.

The selection process in our company consists of several steps. Ask our People Operations team people@vegait.rs for more information or find more details at the career page.

Vega IT is opening the doors of its Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Niš and Podgorica offices to all people part of the IT world and to those who aspire to be part of it someday. To book a tour, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Vladan Ostojic

I co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with my university roommate Saša Popović. We shared a dream to do incredible work that makes us - and our clients - happy. We now have more than 750 engineers who share our passion and bring deep expertise to every project – and we’re ready to tackle whatever project you’ve got for us. Send me an email to start the conversation: vladan.ostojic@vegaitglobal.com.

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Naja Contact Form

Everything about Maja's CV screams Industrial Psychology, and she's riding the new wave of personnel administration as Vega IT's Partner and Chief People Officer. Want to talk more? Contact Maja at: maja.neducic@vegaitglobal.com.


I will tell you more about our company culture. If you want to meet us, I invite you to visit Vega IT offices!

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Sasa Popovic

Saša co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with his former university roommate Vladan. Their dream of founding an IT company has grown into the premier software company with more than 750 engineers in Serbia. If you prefer to send an email, feel free to reach out at sasa.popovic@vegaitglobal.com.

Saša Popović Co-Founder & CEO

I will tell you more about previous experiences and other topics at our company. If you want to meet us, I invite you to visit Vega IT offices in Novi Sad!