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    Future-proofing an insurance platform: making Howden’s ‘Rethink’ simpler and faster

    Rethink is a digital platform for connecting insurance companies and insurance brokers - using AI to make it simpler and faster for brokers to generate policies. The company is part of the Hyperion-X group, which the Howden group recently acquired. 

    The challenge: a complex, time-consuming process

    The biggest challenge was to streamline a complicated process, making it as easy as possible for brokers to find the information they need to calculate risks accurately. When there are multiple insurers involved, the process gets increasingly complicated, time-consuming, and full of inefficiencies. To help Howden improve their product, we needed to automate the process to make it simpler and faster for everyone. 

    The result: increased speed, accuracy and revenue 

    We created an optimized, automated platform built for the future. We changed the architecture of the software to quickly deliver more accurate results. The changes we made accelerated the whole development process, making it faster to add new features and functionality. And the product itself is more efficient, making life a whole lot faster for the brokers who use it. All of this work boosted the number of policies generated using the platform, so our work fed directly into revenue growth for Rethink.

    Ready for AI-powered underwriting

    The product was full of features that were not fit for a future of AI-driven insurance. We removed any unused code, and restructured the database to give the product a solid foundation. We then focussed on refactoring and improving the code, introducing newer, much faster functionalities than before. This ensured the technology stack was ready for AI-enabled underwriting.

    The full tech stack

    • Modular Monolith – architecture combined with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) provided the client with a scalable and flexible solution that allowed for easy maintenance and future upgrades.
    • Laravel – robust features and ease of use, allowing for quick development and efficient maintenance of the platform.
    • Vue.js - due to its fast rendering and reactive data binding capabilities, resulting in a seamless and dynamic user experience.
    • JFrog Artifactory - centralized control, versioning, and security of packages and dependencies.
    • Integrations – we integrated the system with several other third party services.
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