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Case Study: Rethink project | Hyperion-X

By: Boban Miksin
3 minute read

The Client:

Rethink is a digital platform for connecting insurance companies and insurance brokers.

Rethink platform is a part of the Hyperion-X Group, which the Howden group recently acquired.

The Industry:


The Goals:

The client already had an existing platform that needed to be modified to satisfy the industry’s different requirements.

Our goal was to remove many legacy features from the system and add new complex functionalities, making the platform much easier to maintain. Additionally, to improve the platform, we needed to implement new features and functionalities.

The Solution:

Our initial focus was to remove outdated features on the platform, including removing the existing database structure, unused code and updating/removing unnecessary unit tests.

After we successfully removed legacy features, we focused on refactoring and improving the code, which would allow us to add new functionalities faster than before. This strategic approach enabled us to work on the development and learning platform simultaneously.

We enabled insurance brokers to create insurance policies on the platform more efficiently.

All features are now covered with back-end and front-end tests, making the platform more reliable.


We used the VueJS framework on the front-end side and Laravel on the back-end side, MySQL server for the database. Also, we used Docker for virtualization.

The Team:

The team consisted of 4 dedicated software developers, 2 QA engineers, 3 Business Analysts, and 1 Project Manager.

The Result:

The client was satisfied with the reliability of their platform. Our team managed to accelerate the development process and increase the average number of added functionalities in sprints.

The platform is now more optimized, and the significant part of populating insurance policies is now automatized.

Rethink’s clients can now process a more considerable amount of policies and, therefore, increase their revenue.

Boban Miksin


Boban is a craftsman with more than ten years of dedicated service to the development and management of new software.

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